D8SH provides international architectural hardware consulting and support to some of the world's most prestigious companies,
with a special focus on the precious jewel and metals industries.

We are an independent architectural hardware distributor and experts in advanced locking systems for high end retail and factory operations with decades of
experience and service to the jewelry industry and other high asset value concerns. D8SH maintains access to all quality door hardware manufacturers world wide.  
We custom design high security locking systems and work directly with major manufacturers to fabricate multi-point access controlled lock systems for complex
door automation on man traps, sally ports, BOH, FOH and for perimeter security.

We generate and manage high security master key systems and software, specify safes and custom walk-in vaults, bollards, and we provide professional international consulting services including on site surveys for force protection world wide.  

D8SH supplies hardware, hardware schedules and specifications, custom design assistance, life safety consulting and project management. 

We accomplish this by having worked for decades in this industry as individuals.  Our careers span experience with universities, hospital, government, military, major museums and financial industry facilities. This deep well of knowledge  offers unrivaled access to solutions and resources within the increasingly complex arena of balancing security with life safety and code compliance.  Accomplishing this on an international level is something we are quite adept at.

At D8SH, we meet time-critical project schedules and ship hardware around the globe by doing the unheard of. 
We pre-order long lead time hardware for our clients projects in advance of even receiving purchase orders. 
This extraordinary policy means our client's specialized long lead time door hardware is staged for delivery before it is ever needed on their job sites.
When it comes to delivery, D8SH waits for our clients to tell us when they are ready, so they never wait for us.

It takes trust and communication to do that, and we are fortunate to have earned both because we strive to maintain life-long client relationships.  

Keeping the focus on our client's needs is our philosophy for success!

Archictectural Door Hardware Supplier and Div 28 Lock Experts

focused on high value asset protection

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Merging Life Safety, Security and Code Compliance with architectural vision requires specialized knowledge

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Coordinating our client's hardware needs to meet those requirements is our  vision

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